Fun Board Games For a Great Game Night

When people play games, they will often look for funny board games. We know that some people have a great sense of humor. Why wouldn’t they? People want to laugh and they love to share. What better way to share than with funny board games that will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves?

When planning a party game night, it’s fun to invite all of your guests. That way, each person can choose to play a game they really like. Why not try a silly sounding game such as, ‘guesses the funniest board game?’ Really funny board games available for game night are those that create a sock puppet levitating heads as they twist, acrobatic, scream and tumble from one position to the other. Telestations is, without question, one of the best games to watch ya mouth at.

If you’re planning a funny board games for game night, why not set up a table with magnetic straws? For ages, straws have been used by children and adults alike to control objects in games such as chess and Go. Now you can use these same straws to turn your guests’ heads while they try to guess the funniest game of all!

If you’re looking for a party game that everyone will enjoy, consider the game of Telephone. In the game of Telephone, players take turns calling one another. The first player calls, then all the other players are up to represent that age. Players can call others by writing their name on a hat provided. If more than one person calls, then whoever is the youngest gets to take turns being the younger.

For game night games that are geared towards children, you might want to try Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this fun board game, each player receives a mask, and must put the tail on before they answer correctly. If no one does, then they lose and have to try again.

For a competitive night of board games, there is none better than Monopoly: A strategic, Monument-based strategy game for 2-4 players that requires thorough negotiation and skill. Players must combine real estate, properties, assets, banks and labor to create the most lucrative real estate strategy. When competing against other players, it’s always important to keep an eye out for property that you can invest in to grow your real estate value. Look for when your competitors are trying to buy properties, and purchase them at a lower price than you did.

For game night games that are fast-paced and require quick thinking and decision-making skills, you might want to consider Scrabble. This fast-paced word game requires quick thinking and decision-making skills. Players age 8 and up can enjoy Scrabble by using the “board” that comes with the game – a magnetic grid with letters on it. The players must quickly think of words that are not commonly used, but misspelled words are also another great prize for Scrabble players.

For people who are looking for some new and unique ways to spend their Friday and Saturday nights, consider having a party with licensed board games. Enjoy playing these popular games with your friends at home. There are so many fun, creative and strategic board games that are made specifically for a friendly atmosphere. You might even find that playing these licensed board games over a few drinks at home during the week makes your Friday and Saturday nights more enjoyable than ever.

For a family game night that is more educational than simply having fun, you might consider having a trip to the museum. If your children are school age, there are many museums that offer educational activities for children to enjoy. The New York Public Library has a large number of summer programs that are designed for children to enjoy. You could bring your children or your family and have a trip to see the world’s famous collection of ancient artifacts and monuments that adorn the library.

Another fun family game night that will satisfy your party theme ideas is a game that incorporates fast-paced decision-making skills and strategic thinking. Known as exploding kittens, this fun game is perfect for a party game night with a twist. Players are given a pink pantsuit and a paper body with legs, and they are given a time limit of five minutes to complete the outfit and try to pop their own exploding kittens. Whoever gets the most gas they pop wins the game. It sounds easy enough, but the way the game is set up makes it slightly challenging, especially if you and your guests have never played as a group before.

If you and your friends are looking for a fun board game night to keep you entertained and your brain stimulated, consider trying Codenames: A Game of Charades. The name may sound a bit comical, but it isn’t, because this game can actually teach you a lot about your favorite topics. Specifically, you will learn that each letter has a specific meaning. Knowing this, you will be able to apply it to your writing without wasting your time trying to figure out what the word means.

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