Music Words and Quotes From Frank Zappa

The following are some frank Zappa quotes that can help you improve yourself. If you end up having a boring, unhappy life as a result of listening to your parents, your spouse, your priest, or some self-proclaimed “educator”, then you really deserve it. The single most important word to learn is not to interfere with someone else’s life unless they are making you sick. You cannot help other people if you are trying to get in their way. In fact, interfering with others’ lives is a surefire way to make your own life miserable.

If you think that you are smarter than everybody else and have more important skills than everybody else, and that you can set your own agenda, and be in charge of your own life, without anyone stopping you, then I beg you to re-phrase that so it doesn’t make you look like an idiot. Without music, without songs, without videos, without guitar solos, without the written word, without any of the talents that make great leaders, no great inventions, no new ideas, no new products, no driving desire, none of the above without somebody else saying, “You should be doing this.” That’s just the way it is. If you would like to change the world, you have to change it with your mind, not by making somebody else change it for you.

“If you have a plan to change the world, start by putting it on paper.” Frank Zappa wrote this in his letter to the editor of the now famous “Frank Zappa: Musician and Author” book. It is the most famous album of all time, and contains some of Frank’s best written words. I recommend that people read this book and get some of Frank’s words. You will have a better appreciation for what he was trying to say about how the music business was run, and why the creative people were getting scammed and not making any money, instead of having a good hard job doing creative things.

“It’s hard being a creative person in a world full of smart people. But if you can keep it down, you can hear the music.” Those words come from another famous Zappa quote, and I encourage all musicians who are writing their own books, or speaking their minds, to include these ideas, because they are very wise and practical.

“You must keep in mind that there is no such thing as too much passion. On the contrary, there is only such a thing as too little.” Frank did not believe in overworking yourself, and overtraining your voice. He believed in allowing your creativity to flow freely, and he made sure that it did.

“Money has no meaning. In fact, it is an ugly word.” There is no need for any motivation in music, since music is pure feeling. Money has nothing to do with it, at all. Frank believed that if you truly feel good about yourself, music will follow. He had no use for money, and would never have been able to make any, had he believed that.

“Don’t be afraid to lose your confidence. Just do it.” If you don’t think you are good enough, just go out there and prove to yourself that you are. Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. The people who try to stop you from achieving your goals are the ones who are afraid of your dreams.

In conclusion, all of these words and quotes were written by Frank Zappa. Some of them might seem a bit off the wall, but when you look deeper, you’ll see that they are really sensible and true. It’s really a shame that he wasn’t a bigger star, because his music is so wonderful. Hopefully one day he will get the recognition he deserves.

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