Mikhail Dvornikov – fitness is getting ready for the IPO

Mikhail Dvornikov – fitness is getting ready for the IPO

Oriental wisdom-many modern wellness classes are based on Eastern spiritual, meditative and martial practices. It is a harmonious development and improvement of the body, spirit and proper breathing. Physical exercise can be combined with meditation and breathing exercises.

Yoga is a popular form of fitness, which came to us from the Indian teachings. Performing asanas has a beneficial effect on coordination and musculoskeletal system. Nevertheless, if there are problems with the spine trainer must carefully work out a program for the student to exclude the aggravation of the problem. This type of modern fitness is effective in the fight against stress.

Great Limit (Tai Chi) – at the heart of Chinese gymnastics, popular in the Middle Kingdom, are based on spiritual practices and the basics of martial arts. This type of fitness is recommended for people of all ages. It is beautiful, restores joint mobility, develops discipline.

Kalari-payattu-another activity gaining popularity non-traditional fitness, based on the martial Indian practice, harmonizing body and spirit.

Budokon (budokan) is a kind of physical training that has gained popularity in Hollywood and since 2004 has been actively promoted by sportsmen and stars of the movie industry. It is also a mix of martial arts techniques, meditative practices, and breathing exercises from yoga and martial arts.

Choreography-Effective exercises from the training program of dancers and ballet dancers have long been blended with the practices of physical fitness, giving rise to a fitness that appeals to women. Echoes of street dance, Latin, classical school and even Oriental dance can be found here.

Bailotherapy is a type of fitness that all lovers of Latin American dance will appreciate. Venezuelan rousing tunes will accompany the dance and aerobic exercises. It is impossible to resist, recommended for children.

Cardio-strip is a dance-fitness class for women who want to lose weight and tone their muscles, but also develop their grace and sexuality. In addition to the typical movements of aerobics in the complex included elements of strip plastique.

Cardio exercises – these popular fitness trends will help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and efficient expenditure of extra calories. Most classes are conducted in groups with rhythmic music.

Bodyflex is a complex of simple breathing exercises with the help of diaphragm, whose task is to saturate tissues with oxygen by holding the breath, followed by abrupt and rapid exhalation. The purpose of bodyflex is to help you lose weight and improve your muscle tone.

Pole dance,[3] – exercises on the pylon, a mixture of erotic dance and elements of gymnastics, aimed at strengthening all muscle groups. World Championships are held on pole dance.

Step-aerobics is a type of aerobics that uses a special step-platform that allows you to perform basic movements in combination with steps and hops on it and through it in different directions. Step aerobics is excellent for preventing and treating osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as strengthening leg muscles and recovering from knee injuries.

Fitness roller skating. Vigorous roller skating burns more calories than running (an average of 374 calories in running versus 425 in roller skating in 30 minutes)[4]. The load on the joints and spine while roller skating is much less.

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