What Are the Four Basic Elements of A Good Web Design in San Antonio?

What Are the Four Basic Elements of A Good Web Design in San Antonio?

When you hire a trusted web designer near San Antonio, TX, you are assured that you have a website that will be engaging to your target audience.  Web design can be the key to increasing traffic to your site and growing your revenue.

There are elements of web design considered by web designers to provide the expected overall user experience that will bring results for the business.  The important elements that play key roles in an engaging website include:

 Content that tugs on the heartstrings

Engaging content that provides the needs of your target audience should be one of the elements you focus on.  A trusted web designer near San Antonio, TX will have a team of creative and experienced web content creators who can create content that:

  • Answers the questions of users
  • Provides the right and needed information users search
  • Engages users to read more and stay on the site
  • Will move users to do what you want them to do
  • Is updated and popular among users in your industry

SEO (search engine optimization) companies will always have a team specializing in writing content because content plays a major role in helping a website rank on top of search results.  The information on your website is one of the main reasons your site has visitors.

Here are tips on writing content that will improve the user experience on your website:

  • Be concise
  • Write simply
  • Avoid “marketingese” (use neutral language)
  • Use the ‘inverted pyramid” style of writing
  • Use keywords commonly used to describe your topic
  • Use brief but descriptive headings and subheadings
  • Avoid dense blocks of text
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Bold very sparingly
  • Use the proper case
  • Make links  consistent in color and style

 Great usability for users

Make your website easy to navigate through.  When your users have difficulty looking for what they need on your site or feel lost as to where they are directed, they will leave your site.

Website usability greatly enhances the user experience.  Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, intuitive, accessible, and mobile-friendly.  Study your users’ behavior and needs so that you will be able to design your website in a way that will provide what your users need in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

 Attractive Visual Design

A website that is visually attractive will catch the attention of users.  Website aesthetics creates the first good impression that will make users decide to stay.  Your website should be designed to be visually attractive across all mobile and digital devices.

Your visual design speaks a lot about your brand and your culture.  Make sure that you are able to send your brand message and culture through a web design that is visually appealing.

At the most basic level, the items that you should not miss to make your website visually appealing include:

  • Color:  The color of your website should match your brand and how you use it should be consistent throughout the site.  Use colors that:
  • Evoke emotions
  • Are easy to read
  • Are easy on the eyes
  • Font:  Always make sure that the font you use is legible, clear, and clean.
  • Imagery:  Use images or stock photos from reliable sources.  Better yet, you can provide your own photos.
  • Simplicity: Less is more.  Provide a clean look.
  • User-friendly:  Do not sacrifice ease because this is a major consideration in providing the eBay user experience
  • Consistency:  All of the sections of your website should have one voice


A website should be able to engage the target audience.  This means that your website should be able to create a bond with your users.  Your users should feel the need to stay and know more when they are on your site.  

Your website should hold the attention of your audience and direct them to your CTA’s (call to action).  It should encourage your users to do what you expect them to like, contact you, place an order, purchase, and the like.

Web design is a great way to engage your potential customers and generate leads so that you will be able to achieve your marketing goals like increasing your sales and growing your audience.  A trusted web designer near San Antonio, TX can design your website to bring your business results.

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